2019 Professional Fee Guide*

Consultations & Diagnostics             

From £190.00

Restorative Consultation
Endodontic Consultation
Periodontal Consultation
Paediatric Consultation
Intra-oral radiograph
Digital Panoramic
Cone-Beam CT Scan                         

Root Canal Treatments

From £149.00
From £350.00
From £450.00
From £450.00
From £650.00
From £350.00

Investigation/Assess Restorability
Lower Premolar
Upper Premolar
Microsurgical Endodontics       

Dental Implants

From £2800.00
From £2800.00
From £450.00
From £195.00
From £900.00
From £800.00

Implants per unit
Implant Overdentures
Soft Tissue Augmentation
Guided Bone Regeneration
Block Bone Augmentation
Open Sinus Lift Augmentation

Oral Surgery

From £170.00
From £95.00
From £250.00
From £350.00
From £170.00
From £350.00
£200.00 (ex. report)

Dental extraction
Additional teeth/ roots
Dental extraction (surgical)
Wisdom tooth extraction (lower)
Wisdom tooth extraction (upper)
Exposure of tooth
Soft tissue biopsy
Apicectomy (single root)
Apicectomy (multi root)

Periodontal Treatment 

From £750.00**
From £750.00

Periodontal review
Periodontal reassessment
Periodontal Treatment (full mouth)
Periodontal surgery
Emdogain material
** excludes reviews and reassessment

Other Restorative Treatments

From £900.00
From £500.00
From £1200.00
From £1200.00

Crowns (per unit)
Post-Cores (per unit)
Ceramic Veneers
Adhesive bridges (per unit)
Cobalt-Chromium/Titanium Denture
Full Denture (per arch)
BluePro™ Anti-Snoring Appliance
Somnowell™ Anti-Snoring Appliance
General Restorative Treatment (per hour)

Paediatric Dental Treatment

From £60.00
From £60.00

From £150.00

From £230.00

From £120.00

From £160.00

From £150.00

Fissure Sealant
Restorations (fillings)

Crowns (silver alloy)

Crowns (tooth coloured)

Extractions (milk tooth)

Extraction (permanent tooth)

Space mantainer

Hygiene and Dental Therapy


From £30.00
From £5.00
From £40.00
From £30.00

Hygiene appointment (30 minutes)
Hygiene appointment (45 minutes)
Hygiene appointment (1 hour)

Glass Ionomer Restoration
Fluoride Varnish
Composite Restoration
Amalgam Restoration


From £240.00/hr
From £130.00/hr

Intravenous Sedation
Inhalational Sedation

* These fees are intended as a guide only. Fees are dependent upon the time taken, the complexity of the treatment, and the cost of materials/laboratory work. Patients will be provided with a full written quotation prior to treatment starting.